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LOL ANONOPS DEAD - Google Sites ps: sabu is a pet:.18.<.ev0.>.. icex cant hack for shit .18.<.ev0.>.. no icex has no skills icex i've been socialing so he gave them to me in VPN client [closed] - As I use my phone also for business purposes and services like SwissVPN I would love to see a VPN client with GUI configuration on board. My options would be (highest preference on top): CONFIG_INET6_XFRM_MODE_ROUTEOPTIMIZATION is not set CONFIG_INET_IPCOMP is not set CONFIG_IPV6_SIT_6RD is not set CONFIG_IPV6_TUNNEL is not set

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Updated VPN, debug message about "script security level" Nov 09, 2011

Nov 21, 2012

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