Using Stunnel to Encrypt Communications

Nov 11, 2015 stunnel-5.56 Mar 24, 2020 stunnel version 4.53 says SSL server needs a certificate ; Certificate/key is needed in server mode and optional in client mode cert = stunnel.pem ;key = stunnel.pem ; Disable support for insecure SSLv2 protocol options = NO_SSLv2 [FIX] accept = connect = TIMEOUTconnect = 5 [FIXLIVE] accept = connect = TIMEOUTconnect = 5

3.6.2. Configuring stunnel as a TLS Wrapper Red Hat

all, I have a website which can be accessed via HTTP well at port 86.Now it is required to add SSL to secure the connection. This website is served with thttpd web server which, yes, has no SSL support. I searched a lot through google then. centos - Testing stunnel - tcpdump? - Unix & Linux Stack

This batch file runs the program openssl with the following parameters. Create a certificate request (req) that is new in the X.509 digital certificate format, using the RSA cipher with a 1,024-bit key, good for 3650 days use the config file (stunnel.cnf) for additional information and write out both its key (private) and (public) certificate to the same file, stunnel.pem.

Delete the “stunnel.pem”, which contains a default server certificate and privatekey. It is a bad idea to use the stunnel.pem file shipped with stunnel except for testing! In order to produce pem-file with a unique secure private key / server certificate, open a text editor (e.g. notepad) and … Configure stunnel - Server - Let's Encrypt Community Support Nov 11, 2015