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IP address ranges. As of 2014 North Korea had one known block of 1,024 IPv4 addresses: 175.45.176. -; Despite North Korea's limited Internet access, the small pool of IP addresses has led to very conservative allocations. Computers in North Korea capable of accessing the global Internet, such as those owned by resident foreigners, also use addresses in this range. The block runs from 175.45.176. to A second, lesser known block of addresses also exists. It contains 256 addresses and runs from 210.52.109. to Since October 1, 2017, a Russian company provides a second route to the same IP range. For historical reasons, North Korea is using one additional class C IP range (256 IP addresses) assigned to China Unicom Telecommunication Company. Access to the internet via satellite is also possible in the country. An IP address is an Internet Protocol that consists of a unique online number that can tell a lot about the web user. Whether for the matter of privacy or need to unblock sites, this article will provide you with methods to how to get North Korean IP address from anywhere in the world. The report below shows ASNs assigned to North Korea, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network.Click on the ASN for full IP address information, whois details and more. You can also view our hosting report to see the networks ranked by how many domain names they host. North Korea's IP address. Contribute to Sh1n0g1/North-Korea-IP-Addresses development by creating an account on GitHub.

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